RPA Consultation

When appointed as Radiation Protection Advisor, Radoch services LTD. would be required to advise and consult with their client's staff as to the observance of Ionising Radiations Regulations 1999 and any other health and safety matters ,in connection with the use of Ionising radiations.In formulating their advice, Radoch Services LTD. Would be allowed to consult with other specialists and advisors as appropriate.


Company Profile

  • We are recognized by the H.S.E. as an RPA Body
  • We give a totally professional service to our customers many of whom are brand names.
  • Radoch was established in March 1986 so its celebrating its 26th year of service this year.
  • We have been associated with x-ray inspections for the food industry since their invention.
  • We have experience of industrial gauging using sealed sources and can advise on all aspects of radiation protection.
  • All Qualified staff have many years of experience providing RPA services to industry and institutes. We operate to a strict code of practice set up by the Directors this is regularly reviewed.

We Offer

  • RPS (Radiation Protection Supervisor) Training
  • Operator radiation Training
  • Radiation Protection Training

We can arrange to come to your premises and train your staff up to RPS level of training.

Under IRR99 regulation 14 it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that all staff working with ionising radiation receive adequate training.


Critical Examinations

IRR99 Regulation 31 requires any person who installs or erects equipment which emits ionising radiation at a workplace to:

  • Undertake a critical examination of the proper operation of all safety features and warning devices, and to ensure sufficient protection from radiation.
  • Consult with an RPA on the nature of examination and results obtained.
  • Provide the employer with information about proper use while testing and maintaining of the equipment.

This Examination needs to redone if the equipment is moved or the RPA'S suspect that the equipment is damaged.


Regulatory Assistance

We can help your organisation with:-

  • License issues
  • Risk Assessments
  • Local Rules
  • Safe Working Practices
  • Setting up of controlled and supervised areas in the work place
  • HASS requirements

Swab Testing:

  • IRR99 requires the routine testing of seals at interval of not more than 24 months.
  • Our swabs are tested as detailed in BS5288.